Engineering and Technical Services

TSG Solutions, and its wholly-owned subsidiary Delphi Research Inc., have decades of experience providing Engineering and Technical services to the Department of Defense and other clients in the areas of Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), Network Engineering, Cyber Security, and other engineering and support services.

Geospatial Information Systems (GIS)

TSG offers a wide range of digital mapping and GIS services that help clients gain benefits from their geographic information.  Our team includes certified geographic information systems professionals (GISP) and analysts as well as experience software developers.  Our experience includes:

  • Data capture and conversion for a variety of formats and data sets to include imagery, CAD, KML and KMZ, client files, S-Files
  • Development of custom GIS applications and viewers to include software development of cloud-based applications
  • Conducting training and providing user support
  • Experience with ESRI ArcGIS software suite

Our project experience has involved hundreds of facilities located throughout the world and includes digitally mapping over one billion square feet of critical infrastructure.

Network Engineering

For nearly two decades, our team has been involved in the planning, design, integration, installation and support of complex hardware and software information systems.  Holding the necessary high level security clearances and technical certifications, we have provided critical support to various Department of Defense clients through the full life cycle of advanced C4ISR communication systems development.  Our experience includes:

  • Software/System Engineering
  • Virtualization
  • Server Consolidation
  • Integration
  • Test & Evaluation
  • System Monitoring & Troubleshooting
  • Help Desk

Cyber Security

TSG provides critical support to the Department of Defense to defend against malicious hackers, advanced persistent threats, and viruses.  Our highly cleared and skilled Computer Network Defense (CND) experts help to ensure the safety of information system assets and to protect systems from intentional or inadvertent access or destruction.  We perform computer security incident response activities, monitor and analyze systems and tools to identify security issues, evaluate incidents, and assist with counter measures to ensure the integrity of our client’s systems.

Software Development and Support

TSG Solutions offers a wide range of software design and development services to assist customers in designing and deploying custom applications or integrating Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies efficiently.

Projects and Capabilities include:

  • Custom System Development
  • Custom Web-enabled applications
  • Advanced Visualization Systems
  • Software Process Improvement
  • Software Assurance
  • Cloud Software & Applications
  • Web Servers & Services

We are a leader in providing complete software life-cycle and engineering support services. We have the capability to develop systems on virtually any platform using commercial and open source tools.