Situational Awareness Services and Solutions

TSG’s situational awareness solutions enhance security, preparedness and response. Our data collection and visualization tools provide vital information for first responders to include fire, rescue, and security/law enforcement to aid in training and response. Our solutions also include tools for visualizing construction project progress and management of critical security assets.

Visualization for Situational Awareness & Resilience (ViSAR®)

ViSAR is a web-based crisis management system which aggregates key data elements, assets, still photos, floor plans, panoramic images and other critical information to create a virtual walk-through of the interiors and exteriors of a facility. The system is used in support of emergency management planning, security/safety program monitoring, and incident response. Authorized users have access to a shared database of critical facility information.  With this information, school safety teams, police, and fire can respond faster, in a more coordinated manner, and with enhanced situational awareness.

ViSAR is a geospatial system that provides facility situational awareness for Pre-incident planning/training, Crisis response and management, and Post-event recovery.

  • ViSAR incorporates ESRI’s GIS suite of tools, SQL databases and HTML5 to generate an interactive web-based map viewer for Blueprints/Floor plans, Critical Assets, Evacuation Plans, Points of contact, Risk Assessment information, and 360° and still Imagery.
  • Provides for real-time sensor integration, additional trusted and user selectable data layering, and social media monitoring.
  • ViSAR is a key part of clients’ overall security and preparedness program and assist clients with meeting anti-terrorism requirements


SiteScene is an innovative and fast way to document construction sites and monitor project process by utilizing a virtual site walk.  Annotate and collaborate on project assets, updates or documentation in real-time from any location. SiteScene leverages over 15 years of experience with 360° site mapping and the latest commercially available camera technology.

SiteScene™ is designed to reduce costs for organizations with multiple concurrent construction projects in multiple locations:

  • Geographic dispersion presents a challenge to properly scope and estimate projects, ascertain progress, resolve issues, and make recommendations
  • Affects multiple Corporate organizational elements (Project Management, Project Controls, Construction Management, Engineering, Environmental, Safety, and Security)
  • Lack of site visibility and clarity impacts decision making and potentially leads to cost overruns and significant impacts on established budgets

SiteScene uses 360° video and other imagery collected at project sites to assist with planning, scoping, design and estimating.  Video data is collected during site walkthrough using 360° hand held video camera.  Still imagery is collected using any available digital camera.

After the data is loaded to the portal, users can:

  • Search for video files by project or location using the enterprise map
  • Play the video file, stop, pan, tilt and zoom full 360° to gain insight of the site characteristics
  • Pause the video to add comments in the form of annotations to alert other viewers of potential issues
  • Overlay site foundation maps to the satellite view of the site
  • Interact with the site map to attach files such as still photos, audio clips, pdf files, etc.
  • Draw directly on the map and/or place symbols/icons representing assets or items of interest